Head Teacher 1

KINDERGARTEN           Emcy R. Reloj

                                 Teacher III

GRADE I                      Emcy R. Reloj

                                 Teacher III

GRADE II                     Elain R. Intano    

                                  Teacher III

GRADE III                     Melanie Z. Rampola

                                   Teacher II

GRADE IV                    Methylen R. Intano

                                  Teacher III

GRADE V                     Emilie R. Baltero

                                  Teacher III

GRADE VI                    Kathleen R. Lamahan

                                  Teacher III

Home Economics         Evelyn G. Rogero

                                   Teacher III



more pictures later..... 

Polo Elem School Prin & teachers in uniform; Mrs Herline Teodosio;

Methylyn; Mrs Evelyn G. Rogero; Mrs. Reloj and others.

 Recognition and Awards 2010

Pics by Dr. Felma Reloj Dela Cruz:

These are pictures of Intermission numbers of dances performed by different grades.
The last picture are the volunteer Cathecists who teach religion to the pupils twice a week. Thanks to them, for teaching religion to the pupils which is not a regular part of the curriculum.

Photo below: Six grade graduation in PES-2005 


Jesse Zabal with PES pupils-July 2008 

Polo Elementary Students and Teachers 



by Dr. Felma Reloj Dela Cruz

Sponsored by Polo people, based all over the world, who voluntarily & unselfishly offered some amount to fund this Feeding Program who will help improve the nutritional status of the pupils of Polo Elementary School in Polo, Banga, Aklan.

 Coordinated by Engr. Gavino Reloj (USA) & Dr. Felma Reloj-Dela Cruz (Polo, Banga, Aklan)

Communications done thru Email on our newly created website:, with our coordinator Based in Kentucky, Dr. Noel Reloj.

For those who want to access this website, contact either the 3 mentioned people for you to be included in our website.

The Feeding Program is a supplementary food prepared 2x a week: milk, once a week & snack once a week. This is worth P5, 000.00 a month for 208 pupils: Day Care=20; Kinder= 20;   Grade 1-6=168.

This feeding program was started last August 2007 up to the present. I took pictures of our first feeding & was sent thru email to everyone in our website to view how we accomplished this program, thus they were inspired to help. One of our pictures was even printed in local newspaper “Birada” thru the courtesy of Boy Ryan Zabal.                       

 According to my list of prospective sponsors each sponsor will rotate once in 3 school years.

Another project suggested by us is to give incentives like monetary awards to honor pupils, to further inspire them in their studies. We have listed also their pledges to these monetary awards.

                                    Monthly Sponsors:

1. August 2007      :  Engr. Gavino & Arlene Reloj of New York, USA

2. September 2007:  Mr.  & Mrs. Franklin & Nida Zabal of California, USA

3. October 2007     :  Dr. Noel & Arllete Reloj of Kentucky, USA

4. November 2007 :  Mr. & Mrs Andy & Lorna( Zabal)  Doman of California, USA

5. December 2007 :  Mr & Mrs Romeo & Lydia Zabal of California , USA

6. January    2008  :  Mr & Mrs Tito & Reza (Reloj) of Connecticut, USA

7. Febuary  2008   :   Mr & Mrs Allan & Norma (Navarro) Andes of Alaska, USA

8. March   2008    :   Mr & Mrs        Emy Rollo of England


 Sponsors  for  school year. 2007-2008

  1. June 2008:  Mr & Mrs Tyrone Zabal  of Ireland- ok
  2. July 2008 :   Mr. Dante Zabal of Califfornia , USA – ok
  3. August 2008: Mr & Mrs Marcelino Jr.& Teresa Zabal of Washington DC,USA-ok
  4. September 2008: Children of Mr & Mrs Marcelino Jr Zabal Joshua, Jeremiah, Jessie & Joannah.-ok
  5. October 2008: Divina Zaguita of Toronto, Canada
  6.  November 2008: Miss Criselda Yecla  of Toronto, Canada
  7. December 2008 : Bobby Bunyog of Vancouver , Canada
  8. January 2009: the late  Hilario Yecla’s children in the Middle East
  9. Febuary 2009: Jamie Reloj-Fabros of new Jersey
  10. March  2009---- Frank Zabal….his second psonsorship


No schedule yet:

  1. Mr. & Mrs. Edmundo & Jezebel (Reloj) Ramos of Australia
  2. Mr.  & Mrs.  Oscar &  Agnes ( Yecla ) Barnuevo of Austria
  3. Mr. & Mrs. Anita Rogero- of Germany
  4. Mr. & Mrs. Shirley Rogero- of Germany
  5. Miss Vivian Yecla  of Germany
  6. Mr. & Mrs. Allan & Mafel (Reloj)  of Saudi Arabia
  7. Miss Gisella Yecla- Urian of Saudi Arabia
  8. Agnes & Carlyn Andrada, Saudi Arabia
  9. Imelda & Baby Yecla, Middle East
  10. Mrs. Gloria Yeban – California, USA
  11.  Miss Veronica & Martha Merano
  12.  Mrs. Baby Gie  Navarro - Moriente  UK
  13. Mrs. Mitzee Navarro Moriente , Ca, USA
  14.  Mrs. Nema Ig Ig- Ca, USA,
  15.  Mr. Rudy Ig Ig – Ca, USA
  16.  Mrs. Nelfa Ig Ig, Ca USA
  17.  Mr. & Mrs. Boy Ig Ig, Ca, USA
  18.  Mr. & Mrs. Louie & Derly (Reloj) Torres of New Jersey, USA
  19. Mrs. Haydee Yeban-  of Ca , USA
  20. Mrs. Rosemarie Yecla -   of Ca, USA
  21. Mr. & Mrs. Fanny (Bantigue) Randoy of Cavite
  22. Mrs. Linda Zomil- Rustico of Bulacan
  23. Mr. & Mrs. Maurito & Virginia Casiano
  24.  Mely Ninonuevo, Manila
  25. Please inform me for other probable voluntary donors

March 29, 2008:  Cash gifts were awarded to the honor pupils as an incentive for the pupils to make good in their studies & to help them somehow in their financial needs. These cash gifts were solicited from all over the world which amounted to P35, 000. Donors gave $ 175.00 from US to as low as P 250.00 from a store helper in Manila)

 June 14, 2008: Updates of the Feeding Program

 We started last week with  feeding the 210 pupils, sponsored by Tyrone Zabal, son of Tay Edgar a nurse based in Ireland. I increased our budget from P5, 00 to P7, 000 a month due to some increase of the prices of foodstuffs. If ever there is a surplus of the monthly budget, I will buy school supplies to pupils who go to school with an empty stomach & empty bag (papers & pencils). 

Another Project being proposed is to establish a Library. So anyone can help whether: financial or book donation. Old books are accepted, especially dictionaries & other needs in the proposed Library.




July 20, 2008

The three (3) IgIg families of California sent $500.00 for our school thru Tay Romy Zabal.  I was informed earlier about the said money so I bought school supplies for the pupils because it is opening of classes already. When the money was handed to me by Tay Romy I bought all the priority needs of the pupils like: new plastic glasses, bowls, pitchers, Jugs, big water containers, spoon & forks, hand towels. I prioritized these items because I believe that it is needed by the teachers in teaching hygiene to the pupils.  For the P6, 000.00 left, I gave it to the Principal Mrs. Herline Teodosio to partially finance the cabinets of the proposed library. 

Typhoon Frank did not did so much harm to the school. Classes were resumed 2 weeks after the typhoon. Some of the school supplies I bought were damaged inside my van which should be delivered that Sunday (3 days before the typhoon)

An NGO called Dios Mabalos offered to give a high protein feeding in Banga, Polo included for the next 6 months. Since the taste of the high protein feeding is not acceptable to the pupils, we decided to add some food stuffs to the daily feeding which I got from the 2x a week feeding aid fund. 

I also gave my samples of vitamins to grade one pupils , so they would be physically well.


Dec. 18,2008

The Polo Elementary School had their Christmas Program last Dec 17, with the coronation of the Little Miss & Master Christmas. Dra. Luz and myself were invited to crown them .They earned some amount (P14 thou) which will be used by the school in their projects.

 The following day, Dec 18, the school has their Christmas Party & they had sumptuous menu of 15 kg spaghetti, 7 layers of cake, and 10 kg of hot dog. I combined the food budget from the days that have no classes from October to December. Everyone was satisfied with the food that they did not contribute unlike the past Christmases.   


April 2009:

  I attended the Polo Elementary School Recognition Ceremonies to introduce Mrs. Shirley Yecla –Onayan who agreed to be an instant Inspirational Speaker. Sent some pictures taken during the program & Mrs. Herline Teodosio, the school principal, sent a lot of pictures taken during the Graduation ceremonies in the afternoon.


May 4, 2009


Frank Zabal, an alumna of our school went home as a balikbayan & donated  to the school 2 boxes of school supplies thru Mrs. Teodosio.


May 15, 2009

 I was able to email Mrs Gloria Yeban- Lloyd of Los Angeles, California, who pledged to me months ago to sponsor the feeding Program for the month of June. Since June   2009 is her birthday month, she gave an extra $ 60 to the monthly budget of $ 140 to be spent for a special menu on her birthday. Thank You Glo for your generosity, you will be repaid a hundredfold.


Mr. Elbert Merano-Elmaga,   a computer analyst based in Saudi Arabia pledged to me to sponsor the month of July of our Feeding Program.

Mrs. Haydee Yeban- pledged 2 months ago to sponsor the month of August.

Mrs Lorna Zabal- Doman offered to sponsor AGAIN (she sponsored the Nov. 2007)

  For the month December, I volunteer my sister, Dr. Mafel Reloj-Versoza for the month of September (She will be arriving next week)

I need   some more volunteers for the months of: October, November, January, February & March.   

 MAY 26, 2009

  We have our traditional Barangay Night, which is a joint celebration of the Polo Alumni Asso & the Polo Barrio Council. It was exclusively attended by taga Polo only. It was a big success because the newly tiled Polo pavement was jam-packed with taga Polo. We danced through the night until past 1 am. Live music was provided by the well- known BORACAY REPUBLIK. The seats surrounding the pavement were occupied by the non dancers who entertained themselves by drinking & eating ng baon nila. Some just stood by the sides of the hall & others stayed outside looking at the dancing Polonians all over the pavement. The younger ones did not sit down (because there’s no vacant seat) and just danced non-stop for more then 5 hours. The older Polonians were also there to enjoy the frenzy of everybody especially if I have them drink my punch.  I did my usual practice of mixing punch juice w/ Gilbys Gin & I roam around the venue offering to all women except the single ladies & the pregnant ones.

Some balikbayan Polonians present were: Franklin Zabal & daughter Charlene, Romy Zabal, all of California, & Vinyang Bunyog of Vancouver, Canada. Some from Manila were there too to enjoy the night.

May 28, 2009

 This is the “vesperas”, or the day before the Fiesta Day. A vesper mass was celebrated late in the afternoon.

There was a “binayle” too in the Polo pavement, but it is assisted only by a sound system

 May 29, 2009:

This is the “Kaadlawan” which is highlighted by a mass in honor of NUESTRA SENORA BIRHEN DE LA PAZ Y BIEN VIAJE. The first mass is at 6-7am & the high mass is at 9-10 am followed by baptism of the newborns of Polo. After the mass the visitors visits all their relatives one after the other partaking the food that was prepared by the “tagbaeay”.

They have Parlor Games at the pavement.

At 4 pm the Flores de Mayo Novena was started followed by the procession of our Antipolo float with the several Sagalas. This is a  Santacrusan procession wherein the reigning 2008 Reyna Elena , Aira Zabal walked with the 2009  Reyna Elena, Arrietta Gumban- Rogero, followed by Charlene Zabal, a Balikbayan  & several Sagalas. We walked the whole stretched of Polo Street, from boundary to boundary lead by the image of Antipolo carried by the men of Polo who have their own “panata”. The women, young & old & the children, with candles in hand sung the “gosos” of the Flores de Mayo. The processions ended at the Polo Chapel were the Novena was resumed & after which the coronation of the Reyna Elena was done with me as the Coronation Speaker.

Our Balikbayan Sagala claimed she enjoyed the procession & was not tired in spite of the walking on the partly rugged road that’s 3 kilometer distance. But part of our road is already cemented, mga 200 meters at the “minoro” & same length also sa “ilawod” She was advised to wear a flat sandals under her elegant gown.  The procession was blessed with a good weather, no rain to make our walking difficult.

The Fiesta was very successful, because of the good weather & no violence happened, unlike previous fiesta celebration before, wherein it was raining very hard & some form of violent incidents due to “mga hilong”.

 Thanks GOD that it was a peaceful celebration. Hope that the succeeding years will be peaceful like this year’s celebration.

  Sa mga taga Polo all over the world, you are invited to go home & visit your dear Polo & see how it has improved a lot with the cooperation of everybody even those outside of the country. Don’t forget to attend the Barangay Night which is usually celebrated 2-3 days before the Fiesta.


 This ends the 31 day novena of Flores De Mayo. This is a big celebration because many ang “naga torno” meaning bringing candles for the Novena Prayer & of the “gasto” in the form of snacks. This “Katapusan” there was a lot of food like ice cream, eangkoga, bread, saging, camote & candies. For my share, I did not bring food but instead, I texted the in charge to list the names of the sagalas, the regular adult novena participants. I distributed face towels, rosaries, handkerchiefs, hair ribbons, hair crowns & combs for the aged women. For it to be orderly, I have the ladies with long hair lined up & another line for those with short hair.  Luz brought used school bags & back packs.

What a memorable “Katapusan it Flores” we have. Virgen Antipolo would be very happy looking at us enjoying the graces each & everyone is sharing.


JUNE 2009…..Mrs. Gloria Yeban …..Of California, USA

July 2009…….Mr. Elbert Merano of Saudi Arabia

August 2009….Mrs. Linda Zomil of Manila

September 2009...Dr. Mafel Reloj-Versoza of Saidi Arabia

October 2009….Mr. & Mrs. Francis co Yecla & Family of Polo, Manila & USA

November 2009….Mr. & Mrs. Maurito Casiano & family of Manila

.December 2009….Mr. & Mrs. Andy & Lorna (Zabal) Doman of California, USA

January 2010……Client of Lorna ZAbal Doman in California

February 2010……

March 2010…


Polo Elem School Prin & Teachers with guest visiting the school.                                                  Theresa Zabal with PES teachers giving first aid kit.


Jeremiah Zabal reading the school  sign of PES.

With Lorna, Pat,  Theresa, Jeremiah, Jesse & Lydia Zabal inside

a classroom.

Student  during recess time and Balikbayan visitor at right above  with School teachers.

Jeremiah from Virginia, U.S.A  fixing, installing, cleaning , atbp, computers and printers of Polo Elementary School

   Wake up young man, fix that  @#$%& printer already!                                           

Jeremiah & Jesse Zabal pose for picture with the pupils.

I love you too, Jesse. Jeremiah looks tired after fixing the printers . That little girl in red is cute, actually all of them are beautiful. Polonians are beautiful!!