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by Mars R. Zabal, Jr.

You know you are from Polo or a Polonian if...

...your backyard swimming pool is 30 miles long and 1/4 mile wide. are required (force) to learn how to swim at 5 years of age.
...if your mom  spank you because you took a bath after lunch time.
...your alarm clock is your neighbors rooster. know Boduy, you might be from Polo! know a story about Sakada.

...if you get your school "glue" supply from the "Ambueongan". remember Lolo Eppe's Galingan and Bueangan near Tay Dolo. remember to rush to the church when you hear the last song
of the Flores de Mayo so you can eat the boiled Kamote. remember carrying your shoes and going barefoot until you
arrive to another barrio's dance.
... you remember that "going shopping" means "uutang kay Nay Deca" remember Nong Narding yell GOOOONAAAAAAW just to annoy Eddie near the Owakan. know that Tik-Tik is not a weekly magazine.
...Budoy is the last one you see awake and the first one you see
early in the morning.
..."going to the farmer's market" means picking Kangkong in Nay
Pecta's rice field. remember the bus line ACBCO. hear Dr. Ibarreta arriving, all the kids hides. know that Tino-Tino is not a name of a guy.
...LASTLY BUT NOT THE LEAST, if you are related to Lolo KIkoy and   Lola Posay Zabal, you are a Polonian!
 ever swallowed Santol seeds?



Visayan Version

Ang gugma mo nonoy,

Tatlo ang kalidad, isa ang matuod, duha ang lubad lubad,

Taga-an ta nonoy diutay nga libertad,

But-on ta ugaling mamulak ang tanglad.


Mamulak ang tanglad pito ka bato,

Kuhaon ang ap’at, mabilin ang tatlo,

Taga’an ta nonoy diutay nga konsuelo,

But’on ta ugaling maghumok ang bato.

Maghumok ang bato, parehas sa itlog,

Mapusa man gani mabudlay gabilog,

               Taga’an ta nonoy, diutay nga kalisod,

But’on ta ugaling mag hubas ang lawod.

 Mag hubas ang lawod, parehas sang bubun.

Ang batong bantili imo palutawon,

Ang gabok nga kahoy nga imong palugdangon,

Ang bilog kong lawas sa imo iga unong.



 ( For the benefit of the younger generation and does not speak Aklanon, here's my interpretation/translation of Nong Romy's "Ang Gugma Mo, Nonoy):



     Your Love For Me Nonoy-- (Ang Gugma Mo Nonoy)

Your love for me Nonoy, brings three qualities,
Only one is real, some fades and changes.
I offer you a little freedom, to act on your own,
I will give you my affection, when Lemon Grass blooms.

When Lemon Grass blooms, seven sweet-scented flowers,
Pick four for me please, leave the rest for others.
For you a bit of solace, comfort and consolation,
You can have my heart, when hard rock turned to soft stone.

A stone that is soft and gentle, like freshly laid eggs,
Broken apart with irreversible damage.
Here's a small predicament, and some adversity,
You can have my love, when oceans runs empty.

When ocean runs dry, like an empty desert well,
The rock you threw floats, with the river swell.
The dry rotten wood, sinks quickly in the depth,
Then I'll be yours forever, with love that'll never quit.