hi , i visited the website and i think its very cool and informative. remembering  the fun and excitement.experiencing the different occassion especially during summertime. holly week ( where in you have to climb the manduyog mt. to do the mystery of the rosary till u reach the top and see the view down there. satisfying feeling), fiesta ( the most memorable one is the fiesta in ermitanyo. ang layo, grabe wheww, ga tabok ka sa aklan river then passing thru the coconut trees, rice fields and bukid. but  you know what , when you get there its an accomplishment for me. i grew up in manila wherein highways, concrete roads, cars. smoke belching buses and jeepneys, and floods during rainy season is the usual scenery;)) binayle ( this is the most exciting part of all.wherein  sweating, i mean dancing to the tune of modern music as what they say,, good exercise, the highligth part is the barangay nyt, live band ito folks. it doesnt matter what ur age are or what statusquo, as long as you know how to move your hands, body and legs to the tune of music,,sure winner ka. of coarse the drinking part is included, yan ang tinatawag na sandig sa linahi. hahahaha) swimming in aklan river with other kids ( after finishing the household choirs  in the morning including mag sag ob sa bumba ni mama inday, were now talking as to what time are we going to aklan river to swim and mag sikup it shrimp. yes meron shrimp doon sa ilog white ang color nya.) ,the ani of palay and planting of  palay ( ive experience this also mag plant ng palay sa eotay  together with ny ela ate lai2 medyo sakit sa likod but i know how it feels like,) going to bukid to feed the chicken nila ny ela doon. and last but not the least the feeling of being safe with the whole family. would you believe the whole baryo itself is my relatives?. the warmt and care they've been showing to us and the undying hospitality. .