MAY 26, 2009

by Dr. Felma Reloj Dela Cruz

  We have our traditional Barangay Night, which is a joint celebration of the Polo Alumni Asso & the Polo Barrio Council. It was exclusively attended by taga Polo only. It was a big success because the newly tiled Polo pavement was jam-packed with taga Polo. We danced through the night until past 1 am. Live music was provided by the well- known BORACAY REPUBLIK. The seats surrounding the pavement were occupied by the non dancers who entertained themselves by drinking & eating ng baon nila. Some just stood by the sides of the hall & others stayed outside looking at the dancing Polonians all over the pavement. The younger ones did not sit down (because there‚Äôs no vacant seat) and just danced non-stop for more then 5 hours. The older Polonians were also there to enjoy the frenzy of everybody especially if I have them drink my punch.  I did my usual practice of mixing punch juice w/ Gilbys Gin & I roam around the venue offering to all women except the single ladies & the pregnant ones.

Some balikbayan Polonians present were: Franklin Zabal & daughter Charlene, Romy Zabal, all of California, & Vinyang Bunyog of Vancouver, Canada. Some from Manila were there too to enjoy the night.