My few memories of Lola Pusay;

     I was always happy when Mama come home from Polo & bring Lola with her to Banga.  To me that was a treat, better than the bushels of lanzones or avocado that she brings home sometimes.  Unbeknownst to everyone, Lola also had a temper and I have witnessed it.  You see, Lola would only agree to come to Banga if Mama can provide her “coconut milk” for her hair.

 One time the maid forgot to reserve my Lola a few of the coconut milk and Lola had a fit and that was the first time I heard her raised her voice….


        Episode 1 - When I was about 7 yrs old and Nono maybe 5yrs old,  Lola asked both of us to bring her to the Banga church for her afternoon prayer, with a promise of a candy.  So we did, and you just picture us in church with Lola kneeling & doing her prayers.  Meantime, Nono and I were fidgety and kept on saying” Lola mosya eon” over & over  again….then you can picture me and Nono playing around till we found ourselves outside of the church still playing, then you see me & Nono already on our way home, not thinking about our Lola…..

My poor Lola was able to find her way outside of the church and found someone to bring her home.  Mama reprimanded me & Nono.  But all I remember saying to myself was,  Lola can’t find her way home?  That’s when I realized my Lola was blind or cannot see clearly.  Hhhhmmm,  I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CANDY

SHE PROMISED ME?  (read next episode)


        Episode 2 – When I was maybe 8yrs old, I remember going with Felma, Derly and Jezebel to go “mamasko” at Nanay Mansing’s house.  I could still remember us standing  at Nanay Mansings steps while she gave Derly and Felma the most beautiful  hard candy plus some coins.  Then I did not remember Nanay Mansing giving me or Jezebel any….but Jezebel looked ok with it….But I was hurt….next thing you see is me rolling in the middle of the street…..crying out loud !!!! 

 No one can get near me to console me….the next thing I heard was Lola so worried & walking slowly towards me calling out my name “ INDAY ! INDAY ! “  so  I stood up so she can hold me.  Then I felt her hand pulling something  out of her side pocket…. and guess what it was ????   CANDY !!!!    She promised me candy at church but she reserved that when I felt bad in life !!!!   (imagine me now with tears in my eyes!)…


Wish our Lola can stay with us forever…..she was a Saint !!!!




One day after lunch, my Lola and I were sitting at our porch.  What are we waiting for Lola, I asked?  She told me we will be waiting for the “ERMITANYO” because today He will  heal my eyes !!  So my job was to watch for the “ERMITANYO” and bring him to Lola…For all those who is not familiar with HIM, he was a bearded  priest who has his own congregation of nuns & kept to themselves somewhere in a secluded area (not sure if it was in POLO).  So HE came and started the healing process which maybe lasted for 30min.  Then HE told Lola to open her  eyes, and that’s when Lola said with a big smile “ Hay hu-o, mahayag eon ro mata ko !  Unfortunately, it did not last long enough, or perhaps she was just being polite to HIM…….

FINALE – Sad day

One day Mom came home to fetch me & Noel so we can see Lola.  Mama told us Lola was sick….but I was still happy to go see her. I remember vividly to this day how it went when we got to Polo…there was a lot of people at N. Aya’s house.  Mama took Noel and me to a small bedroom.  My Lola was inside a mosquito  net covered bed, and  so Mama , Noel & I got inside the net and Mama  took Lola’s hand , as if introducing us for the first time ,  and said to Lola, “hayra si Inday ! “  I remembered taking her hand to kiss it but I was shocked because she was full of  “water”…(my mom explained to me later on why it was like that).  And this is why I titled my story “My Lola who loved me more !” because  in her death bed, just when my Mom  told  me to kiss Lola’s  hand ,  Lola made me feel  as if she was not sick  . When I kissed her swollen hand  she had that big smile like she could  see me and in her faint voice  she said  “ INDAY!! “ like she was happy to see me….from then on I knew Lola loved me !!! And I was her favorite..Ha! Ha!





Noemi R. Fabros