Birthday Celebration of mother-Dorotea Rose Zabal-93 years old; Mar 28, 2011.


 Descendant of Francisco & Pomposa Rabanes Zabal celebrating the 93rd Bday of Dorotea Rose Zabal-March 28, 2011 in Polo, Banga, Aklan.


Family of Zenaida S. Canonizado; Photo below: L to R;  Richie (dau), Zenaida,  Lally (dau), Ruby (dau-in-law); Andie (grandson) and son Anthony . Zenaida is the greatgranddaughter of Saturnino Zabal, the brother of  Francisco Zabal. Saturnino Zabal went to Manila at an early age and  the Zabal Clan never heard of his whereabout until recently  when our first contact was established from another granddaughter in New Zealand.

This is the  email of Nhing Z. Llanes from New Zealand 0n Jan 3, 2011. She is the great granddaughter of Saturnino Zabal.
hello everyone!
This is perhaps a nice start of the New Year for my family especially to my father and his siblings as we, as you may be aware of, had not known anybody or anyone from the Zabal clan except of course, our Lolo Ladislao's children. We are delighted to know, especially myself and my father, that the Zabals are one huge clan in Aklan. All these years we thought we are the only Zabal existing on earth as we never get to meet any relatives or hear anyone saying "we have the same family name, are we related?"
Nevertheless, this was all explained by, shall we say, Tito Romy Zabal and Tito Gav Reloj, and the rest was history.
I am working on the Herminigildo Family Tree and will forward asap once all the details comes to hand.
Happy New Year to each and everyone and warm regards.


 Liberato Yecla Jr & Maribel Chinel Wedding photos with Brod & Sis -Dec 2, 2010                                         With relatives

Liberato (Burog) Yecla Jr & Maribel Chinel Wedding-Dec 2, 2010 


Wedding Picture of Liberato Yecla Jr & Maribel Chinel-Dec 2, 2010. 

Beautiful Polonians

Marz & Dorotea Rose Zabal & Children.

Dr Felma R Dela Cruz with peers & relatives. 

During campaign sortie.  

Standing: Jun Garcia. Seated: Marz; Jimmy & Loyalda Mobo Berbano;

Charlita Mobo Garcia & R & L Zabal-Fremont, CA -1990. 

Above: In Fremont, CA 1985; Ben Hur Z. Mobo; Tony Yap; Lydia; Reby Mobo & Yolanda Z. Valles. 

In red: Son of the late Renita Intano. 

Bday Celebration of Caloy Tejada-Visitor: Luz R Isagan & relatives.

 With Malinao Police Dept after Typhoon "Frank"-July 2008.


Flores de Mayo & Polo Barrio Beauties. 

Inside Polo Catholic church with Polo Elec School teachers.

Procession of Nuestra Sra Antipolo-May 2009 

Aira & Charlene Zabal- Polo Barrio Fiesta-May 2009

<--------Grocery store in Polo, no, no they are not Walmart greeters. Polonians from Metro Manila.

Flores de Mayo procession in Polo. 

Above: Frank Z.;  Vering & Mauring Casiano; Jorgie Y. Urian; Felma. Romy;

Dorotea Zabal & Lagring Z. Yecla-Dinner in Polo; Barrio Fiesta-2009

  Above: Jan 2010-Celebration in Polo.                    Above: Sisters Cirila & Jorgica   

Above: Reza R. Tejada                                 Bebot Yecla, Vill Zabal & Pepe Recoter

Get together in Polo. 

Reza Z. Tejada with cousins. 

Ibabao Brothers: Gaspar; Arturo & Melchor; Children of the late Juan Ibabao & Columba Rabanes Zabal of Polo, Banga, Aklan. 


Above: Capitan (Bebot) Yecla; Vill & Jun Zabal-Jan 2010-Polo