Mike & Luz Isagan’s 25th Wedding Anniversary by Josephus Glenn Inosanto Jereza

     It was a beautiful and touching “Celebration of Life in Love” when Mike & Luz Isagan had their Silver Wedding Anniversary and Renewal of Vows on Saturday, June 6, 2009.

Fifteen priests concelebrated in the Eucharistic Celebration at the St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Kalibo, Aklan. Almost 200 people composed the wedding entourage, with 24 Silver Wedding Principal Sponsors plus the 6 surviving pairs who were the Principal Sponsors during their wedding in the same Cathedral in 1984.

There were half a dozen Pageboys and Flower Girls and the rest were Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and Matrons of Honor who were mostly members of the Aklan Dental Society, the Soroptimists Club of Kalibo and the Catholic Women’s League of Kalibo with their spouses or partners.

The entrance procession took almost 20 minutes. It was a veritable fashion show with gowns mostly in pastel colors, with each one featuring a touch of silver as required in the invitation.

Luz wore a silver and white gown with silver trimmings, appliqués and accessories while Mike wore a pina barong with callado embroidery. Everyone stood up to honor them as they walked to the altar and just before they reached their seats, the people clapped.

The reception was at Terranova Garden which was decked in a rainbow of colors with swatches of silver, insinuating understated elegance, an almost palpable intimacy and a breath of informality in a very relaxed atmosphere. The rain did not dampen the prevailing celebratory spirit.

I was the program host at the reception, which is a reprise of my role in 1984 at the Cattleya Hall of the defunct Green Mansions. Both Mike & Luz are my relatives, Mike is in my Inosanto bloodline while I am related to Luz because of our common Zabal ancestry.

Mike is the eldest son of retired School Principal and former Libacao Vice Mayor Alicia Inosanto Zonio-Isagan, widow of the late Ricardo Ricamonte Isagan. His siblings are John Razie Z. Isagan, Richard Z. Isagan and Anna Liza Z. Isagan-Roldan.

Luz is the second daughter of businessman/transport operator Mansueto Icawalo Reloj, widower of the late Felicitacion Zabal Yecla-Reloj. Her siblings are Dr. Felma Y. Reloj–dela Cruz, Dr. Edmundo Y. Reloj, Mrs. Jezebel Y. Reloj-Ramos, Mr. Harvey Y. Reloj, Mr. Gilbert Y. Reloj, Mrs. Marilyn Y. Reloj-Alvarez, Dr. Mafel Y. Reloj-Verzosa and Mrs. Sylvia Reloj-Navarosa.

At a time when marriages are generally rocked by scandalous if not venomous separation, Mike & Luz have remained faithful to their vows and continue to live Christian lives that serve as an inspiration to their four children, all boys, who are their most valuable treasures. The success of their children are their biggest achievements.

Their eldest is Michael Peter “Bongbong” Reloj Isagan who has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from AMA Computer University (c. 2006) with an Associate’s Degree in Computer System Design & Programming from the same institution (c. 2004) and a certificate in Hotel Housekeeping Room Attendant from T.E.C.P. in Makati (c. 2009).

Matt Alfel “Popoy” Reloj Isagan recently earned his BS in Nursing from Our Lady of Fatima University (c. 2009).

Mark Geoven “Pongpong” Reloj Isagan is a Nursing student at United Doctors Medical Center.

Manrick John “Boboy” Reloj Isagan is taking up Dentistry at the University of the East.

Prior to the start of dinner, the Silver Bride and Groom with their immediate family released colorful butterflies. The dinner program ended with a raffle of 25 Precious Moments Bride and Groom Ensemble Dolls created for them by Jojo’s Christmas Cottage at Sampaguita Gardens in New Washington, Aklan.

Mike & Luz Isagan’s Silver Wedding Anniversary and Renewal of Vows was an affirmation of God’s love, the importance of family, the significance of one’s ancestry, the kinship of relatives, and the value of friendship.

In lieu of gifts, the Silver Couple requested their guests to donate cash in support of their favorite projects.

I am very honored to have been part of the preparation for this beautiful, awe-inspiring event.