Juvy Zabal Valencia, daughter of Arnaldo &  Norma Zabal

Graduated MAED Mar 26, 2011. Congratulations. 


Beautiful Polonians...

Picture Below: Segundina Yecla celebrating her 95th Bday Jan 15, 2011. 

 Photo below: Creselda Yecla seated left front with relatives during her visit in Polo; Dec 2010-Jan 2011.

 Picture below: Dorotea Rose Zabal; Segundina Yecla & Cirila Yecla Recoter.

 Picture below:  Creselda standing; Front from left Methelyn Intano; Evelyn Zabal Gumban; Emcy Rollo Reloj; Rhodora S. Zabal & Elaine Intano.

Picture Below: Creselda with relatives in Polo

 Picture Below: The family of Gundin Yecla of Polo, Banga, Aklan

 Picture below: Rhodora S. Zabal; Dra. Felma Reloj Dela Cruz; Creselda Yecla & Marilyn Reloj Alvarez.

Dau & inlaws of Moises Zabal; L-R; Seated are;  Consolacion Magdaluyo Zabal-wife of Simplicio; Aileen Blancaflor Perucho-Dau of Constancia Zabal Blancaflor; Resting Tagbalay Zabal-Wife of Zosimo Zabal; Alicia Zabal Idorot-Dau of Moises Zabal; Dra Jiji Blancaflor Campbell -Dau of Constancia Zabal Blancaflor; now in Australia; unidentified relative-very sorry. Front-Leny Zabal Idorot-Dau of Alicia Zabal; right front and Cousin (Dau of Arnaldo Zabal.

Alvaro and Perfecta Zabal Merano 

L to R: Pamela Zabal, Patria ,Lydia Zabal, Fully Zabal, Rhodora Zabal , Lorna Zabal, Teofila Restar, Trixie Zabal-2003.

 Judge Reloj-was from Lapnag but married to Paciencia Zabal of Polo-first Polonian teacher. Photos provided by Gavino Zabal Reloj of New York City

This picture below was taken on Jan 17, 1961. Majority of them are from the Zabal-Reloj-Yecla clan. David Navarro; front right seated is the Barrio Lieutenant and the 2nd greadgrand son of Evaristo Zabal

 The Famous Zabal Sisters of Polo, Banga, Aklan, Daughters of Francsico Zabal.

Jose Navarro & Family

First Architect of POLO

 Constancia Zabal Blancaflor and Family

 Pecta Z. Merano; Violeta Z. Gumban; Dorotea R. Zabal; Inday Y. Reloj with Relatives-Above.

                                        Navarro Family

 This photo was taken sometimes in 1978.

 Above: Pacencia  Z. Reloj; Lola Iliang Bolivar Rose; Hilaria Z. Yecla; Inday Yecla Reloj; Sergio Gumban; Crisfina Navarro.

Daide Merano Lasin, Felma & Frank in background. 

              Above: Reloj sisters and relatives. 

Alba & Pecta Merano; Cirila Yecla Recoter  & Ubaldo Merano. 

Felma's  family ;  Romy  & Lydia Yeban Zabal-Jan 1985.

Mother-During the wake of Mansueto Reloj-Feb 2010 


................ taken during my parents 50th wedding anniversary....

I'm so proud for that kasi they are the first couple sa baryo natin to celebrate,.....kahit sa kanilang magkakapatid.....(May 31, 2005)..Rosemary

Well known and Well Traveled POLONIAN DR. Felma  Reloj Dela Cruz 

 Seated: Viring Reloj Casiano; Mary Reloj; Milagros Z. Yecla; Jorgie Y. Urian; a relative. Standing Romy & Reza-July 2008 in Kalibo.

 Hello  relatives! John Zabal invited all relatives in his beautiful house in Fairview.  Attendees are: N. Turing, N. Nilda, N. Inday Consolatiuon, /n. /gie,N.Mauring/Vering, n. Vil/Pat, N. Daede/Boy, Lita-wife of Freddleline Zabal, Shirley/Jade.  Of course the best hostess is Lolit the gracious wife of John.  We started in Sta. Luycia for lunch, picked up N. Turing/Nilda-he couldn't hear much so we write to answer r ask questions.-still very good memory w/ usual recollection on who's who.  Now, well have dinner after the whole afternoon of eating.                   


Polonians in Metro Manila 

Thanksgiving Day 2009 in San Jose, CA. 

Polonians sa America 

 Zabal brothers during Thanksgiving Day in San Jose-2009.                    

2009 Thanksgiving get together in San Jose, CA.                                   Above: Thanksgiving dinner in San Jose, CA-Host: Andy & Lorna Zabal Doman

      Ig-Ig Brothers  Los Angeles                                                                 the former Ms. Heidi Yeban Los Angeles

L-R; Clarina Dl Cruz Sy; Noemi R Fabros; LY Zabal; Tito Tejada RZ in Woodbridge, VA. 

 Jahannah  Zabal; Reza R. Tejada & Gav Z. Reloj in Woodbridge, VA-2008.



Gav Z. Reloj entertaining guest in Banga-Jan 2010 

Nong Romy and Nang Lydia Zabal  50 something wedding annivesary celebration


Dr. Edmundo Y. Reloj and Charlene. It was our lucky day, because we meet Nonoy and Dr. Luz Y. Isagan in the same place. Nonoy together with the Governor of Romblon and other government officials held their annual romantic conference in Sampaguita Gardens. Luz and her Dentist colleagues also have their conference with supplier.

Dr. Luz and Mike Isagan hosted the 2010 Ati-Atihan dinner in their house-2010.

Top Pic: Jesse Zabal                                                                                               Elbert Elmega-KSA

Pictured below are  Arlene Retamar  Reloj and

 Polo relatives                                                                                                   Below: Polonian Rosemary Yecla and son  from Los Angeles California

Lagring Yecla; Jorgie Y. Urian; Inday Retamar Reloj; Rhodora S. Zabal; Grace Y. Retinio &  Betty M. Macahilig-Jan 2010.

Polonians  Trip To  Reno Nevada

Above: Jury Z. Reloj & Francing Z. Yecla-Jan 1993 in Polo & some pic below.

Above: Standing-Boy Lasin; RZ; Dennis Zabal;  Seated: Lasin; Reby Mobo

Pat P. Zabal; Lorna Z. Doman; Althea; Johanna; Aira & Rhodora Zabal.

Reby P Mobo entertaining visitors: Ati-atihan  

Bembith Ingalla(Tay Cadiz) and Daughter

Picture below: Shirley Yecla Onayan and Family 

Escada Models and thier Talent Manager ....from Polo of course

Marz Zabal & the family of Romy R. Zabal in Fremont, CA.

1984-Cousins, Rodulfo Z, Yecla; Arnaldo Zabal; Godofredo Zabal

 The Merens during happier times.

Betty Merano Ruiz in Polo. 

The Merens; Cheche & Jorgie Yecla. 

Maricel  & Marvie Casiano; Dau of Maurito & Virginia ; Pia Reloj & Che-che Urian. 

TWENTY YEARS AGO......................... 

In Polo 2001: Romy Zabal with cousins & nephew.

Ryan, Tyrone and Fretz. Edgar Jr. still in the Fallopian tube.... 

Above: Residence of BenHur Mobo with Felma; Nonoy & family;

Cirila Yecla; Boots Reloj & Louie Torres-Ati-atihan in Kalibo.

A Farmer, A Doctor and Amateur Fisherman 



Meanwhile  a long long time  ago.............. our cousins, uncles, aunties, their friends, nieces and nephews  are having fun,  see pictures below.........Vill and Pat Zabal Residence

Roding (Potot) Yecla with Judge Reloj & Sulping Ibabao-1984.

Above: Josefina Rabanes; Nilda Rome Ibabao; Pacen Z. Reloj; Arlette Reloj

Daide Z. Merano; Lydia Y. Zabal; Lagring Z. Yecla-1984. 

Dorotea R Zabal; Lorna Zabal Doman; Luz Reloj Isagan; Pecta Merano

Inday Yecla Reloj; Francing Reloj with cousins in Polo.

RelojZabal reunion in Kentucky-Sep 2006. Picture taken in front of the house of Dr. Noel & Arlette Reloj. 

Photo above standing: Nono, Tito, Gary, Gav, Frank, Jun, Johannah, Lorna, Jeremiah, Jesse, Arlette, Mark, Jobo, Lorna, Romy, Glenn, Joshua, Noemi and a relative from TX. Seated 3rd row: Althea, Arlene, Theresa, Lydia, Reza, Rosine, Derly and a relative from TX.

Above: Jan 2010 in Polo.                                                                                                          Above: Capitan Bebot Yecla & cousins-Jan 2010 in Polo